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Keratin Treatment Appointment: Pre, During, and Post-Appointment

keratin treatment appointment

What to expect for the best results with your Keratin treatment appointment and Complex Smoothing Therapy (not flattening!)  You may even have had dreams about having bouncy, soft curls every day or having straight, frizz-free hair when you wake up…

How to do home keratin treatment?

shiny hair

Look at the home keratin treatment tips! Sooner or later, a large number of us longed for having straight hair for a more extended timeframe. Thank sky for Brazilian victories, keratin treatments and relaxers! In spite of the fact that…

The Best and Budget Friendly Hair Serums for Everyone!

shiny hair

Know the outcomes and choose the best and budget-friendly Hair Serum! Everybody around you is by all accounts raving about the phenomenal enemy of frizz advantages of hair serums, which has turned your intuition tops on. Isn’t that so? You’re…

The best: Majestic Keratin clarifying shampoo

keratin shampoo

The Majestic Keratin clarifying shampoo prepares your hair for a definitive hair botox treatment experience.  It evacuates dirt and residues  It causes your hair to ingest keratin quicker  It gives your hair and scalp a decent detox  It makes a…

Here’s What You Have To Do to your keratin-treated hair!

first keratin treatment

Just Got Your Keratin Treatment? Here’s what to do with your Keratin-treated hair! We all had those days when our hair just seems to have its own life! It’s quite frustrating, isn’t it? Maybe a keratin treatment is just what…

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