Are you still craving to have smooth straight hair?

Each time you hit the salon, do the hairstylists gloat about keratin treatment as the end-all answer for your dry and bunched up hair? Have you been contemplating over its preliminary after their rehashed endeavours at selling the administration? 

Indeed, keratin is the most recent trendy expression in hair care for its smoothening impacts. Yet, are a wide range of keratin treatments alright for you? Also, would they say they are really proficient? Permit us to respond to all the inquiries springing up in your brain. 


What Is Keratin? What Does Keratin Do For Your Hair? 

Keratin is a protein found in the hair that is liable for its wellbeing. It is likewise a basic protein found in your nails and skin. The protein shields your hair from stickiness, which is the significant reason for frizz. 

So would you say you are asking why you need keratin treatments when it is normally present in your hair? That is on the grounds that your hair loses keratin with time because of daylight, contamination and unforgiving hair treatments. So a keratin treatment enables the protein to arrive at your hair follicles and its pores. 

keratin treatment

Is A Keratin Treatment Good For Your Hair? 

A keratin treatment is a synthetic procedure on the hair to accomplish delicate and sparkling hair that was in any case fuzzy. It is known to fix even the most impenetrable of twists. The impacts of this treatment can last up to a half year. 

In any case, you can’t deny the way that keratin treatments utilize high warmth on your hair. So who is it really for? If you are somebody who uses heat styling every day, going for a keratin treatment is the most ideal choice for you.¬†

Best tip: 

Keep away from heat styling for certain months after the treatment to receive every one of its rewards. The outcomes rely upon the sort of treatment, the temperature of a level iron and permeable nature of your hair. Converse with your beautician to evaluate your hair type and the application strategies. Know Your Hair 


What Foods Contain Keratin? 

  • Blueberries keratin treatment
  • Red meat¬†
  • Almonds¬†
  • Clams¬†
  • Milk¬†
  • Eggs¬†
  • Salmon¬†
  • Nuts¬†
  • Yoghurt¬†
  • Chicken¬†


Keratin Hair Treatment Methods 

The initial step is washing your hair. At that point, your hairstylist will either apply the keratin to your wet hair or blow-dry and apply the item. A brush is utilized to apply the item and a fine-tooth brush is utilized to spread the treatment uniformly. 

The equation needs to soak each strand for about 30 minutes. Following stage is utilizing warmth and level iron to fix hair. Ensure your beautician is utilizing an expert titanium level iron and setting the correct temperature. Continuously start with low temperatures. 

Best Tip: 

Try not to wash your hair for three days or tie it back since these things can forestall the setting of hair. After the treatment, you’ll be approached to dodge saltwater in the pool and sulfate shampoos.¬†


Are There Any Side Effects Of Keratin Treatments? 

Most keratin treatments discharge formaldehyde, which is a known cancer-causing agent (disease-causing compound). Formaldehyde is a lacklustre and solid smelling gas that is usually utilized in a stick. 

Symptoms of formaldehyde incorporate draining nose, scratchy eyes and sore throat. These have been accounted for by beauticians for a long time. 

Another conceivable symptom of keratin treatment is hair breakage. High temperatures from level iron can dry out the hair and lead to hair breakage in the days to come. 

So choose sans formaldehyde keratin treatments, similar to the ones containing glyoxylic corrosive to be protected. In any case, the last might be less compelling. So pick dependent on your needs. 

Hair specialists recommend not to worry about formaldehyde as you might be getting keratin treatments just threefold every year. Ensure the salon you’re completing it at is all around ventilated.¬†


Who Should Avoid It? 

Stay away from keratin treatments if you are a pregnant lady. In spite of the fact that there is no specific scientific confirmation about its evil impacts during pregnancy, the synthetic compounds present in it are usually accepted to be dangerous during pregnancy. 


Would I be able to Tie My Hair After Keratin Treatment? 

Abstain from integrating your hair with pigtails for at any rate three days after a keratin treatment. This may make a twist in your recently fixed hair. Upkeep of keratin calls for without sulfate shampoos. 

keratin treatmentHow Long Does A Keratin Session Take? 

It takes 2-4 hours for keratin. 

The length of keratin relies upon: 

  • Your hair surface¬†
  • Hair volume¬†
  • Recipe for treatment¬†


Would I be able to Do Keratin At Home? 

Indeed, you can do keratin treatments at home however the consequences of a salon treatment are better. Make a point to check the elements of treatment accessible in the market. The vast majority of them may very well be silicon and moulding treatments. 

Additionally, read the guidelines on washing, blow-drying and fixing. Home keratin washes out in half a month, while salon treatments can keep going for a couple of months. 



If you need to trim down on blow-drying and fixing all the time and still need too smooth and sparkling hair, go for keratin treatments. Converse with your hairstylist about glyoxylic corrosive keratin treatments in the event that you have incredibly dainty hair inclined to warm harm. Likewise, recollect that isn’t suggested for pregnant ladies.

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