Just Got Your Keratin Treatment? Here’s what to do with your Keratin-treated hair!

We all had those days when our hair just seems to have its own life! It’s quite frustrating, isn’t it? Maybe a keratin treatment is just what you need! And while a keratin treatment can do absolute wonders to your mane, you still have to know how to care for your keratin-treated hair.

You see, a keratin treatment can do wonders for your hair! And by wonders, we do mean WONDERS! Absolute mane heaven isn’t?

But there are still a few things that you need to look out for after you get the treatment done! So how to care for your keratin treated hair? Stay with us to find out!

Not to burst your bubble, but aftercare is just as crucial as getting your hair saved with a keratin treatment! So if you want this treatment to last longer, read on our tips! Scroll down to get tips on how to care for your keratin-treated hair. So now that you just got your hair keratin-treated, you’re likely thinking about how to deal with your keratin-treated hair. 

All things considered, a keratin treatment doesn’t come modest. Also, we’re certain that you don’t need your recently treated hair to be put to squander! 

So underneath are a portion of the things that you ought to do after you get a keratin treatment! 

keratin-treated hair

  1. First of all shield your hair from getting wet! 

Once more, probably the greatest guideline that your hair beautician will give you after a keratin treatment is to shield your hair from getting wet for the following 72 hours. And keeping in mind that this may make you cause a commotion, it’s is really accomplished for an awesome explanation! 

After a keratin treatment is applied onto your hair, it needs at any rate 72 hours to remain on your hair (immaculate) so it can completely security into your strands. 

Why not? All things considered, water and keratin simply turn out poorly together, and will peel off all the treatment from your hair! Chlorine and salt are additionally frequently found in water and these two aren’t especially very keratin-accommodating also! 

Along these lines, all these obviously clarify why you shouldn’t wash your hair inside the initial three days after a keratin treatment is applied! 

Also, if you do as such, at that point you’re just washing down all the cash you spent on the treatment away! 

keratin-treated hair

  1. Put resources into a shampoo that realizes how to think about your keratin-treated hair. 

Modest shampoos are modest on the grounds that they are made of a few engineered fixings that may make more harm your hair than you really know. 

Furthermore, if you just got your hair treated with keratin, it’s best for you to do a switch! Discard those modest shampoo jugs and begin putting resources into shampoos that realize how to deal with your keratin-treated hair. Furthermore, these are shampoos specifically defined for keratin-treated hair. 

Without sulfate shampoos, for instance, are your most ideal decision. These kind of shampoos are exceptionally delicate both to your hair and scalp and takes care of business without making harm your keratin-treated hair. 

You can likewise choose natural, every single regular shampoo. These sorts of shampoos regularly don’t contain fixings that can be hurtful to keratin-treated hair. 

Be that as it may, in any case, twofold check the mark when purchasing and watch out if these shampoos contain any hints of salt. Be extremely fastidious with what’s happening in your shampoo and your hair will completely thank you for it! 


  1. Consider getting a dry shampoo 

Since you’re encouraged to reduce hair washing, you may need to at last put resources into dry shampoo! 

Dry shampoos are your closest companion if you plan on jettisoning the washing each other day, without keeping your hair feeling all coarse and filthy. 

Additionally, dry shampoos take care of business by keeping your hair spotless and revived, without drying it out instead of how real washing does it. 

Be that as it may, same with shampoos, check what your dry shampoo is made of! You wouldn’t have any desire to change your hair to stuff that by and large contains salt and sulfates in it! 

keratin-treated hair

  1. Put resources into the week after week hair masks 

Something else that can keep your keratin-treated hair in its best condition is by applying week after week hair masks! 

Injected with all the supplements and fixings expected to keep your hair delicate and saturated, hair masks are your closest companion if you need your keratin-treated hair to last more! 

Furthermore, not just hair masks sustain and keep your hair solid, yet they additionally give you that feeling of unwinding! So feel free to treat yourself once per week with a mask that will additionally reinforce and drag out the life of your keratin-treated hair! 

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