keratin treated hair

FAQs: How to Take Care for Keratin Treated Hair 


Would I be able to utilize oil on my hair on my keratin treated hair? 

This is very dubious, as the appropriate response here is both yes and no! 

No, you may not utilize oil on your after a keratin treatment, given that it’s just been a couple of days after you had the treatment done. Recollect that you’re not permitted to get your hair wet or wash it inside the initial three days. 

Moreover, applying (coconut or argan) oil onto your hair will cause you to feel oily. Actually, for us, we loathe that feeling and it pushes us to wash our hair – so it’s an only a no. 

In any case, if it has been past the three-day-no-wash period, at that point definitely, feel free to apply oil onto your hair! Let your strands absorb all your preferred supplements from the oil. 


Is dry shampoo terrible for keratin-treated hair? 

In no way, shape or form! Truth be told, it’s prudent to utilize a dry-shampoo during the 72-hour no-wash period if you want to spruce your hair up a piece! It’s additionally down to earth, as you will have the option to free of that oily inclination without wetting your hair 

In any case, be specific with the dry shampoo that you will utilize. Ensure that you get an item that is sans sulfate, and has no hints of salt in it. Recall that both these mixes can harm keratin-treated hair, so you are ideal to avoid them. 

Keratin-implanted dry shampoos are additionally in the market, and these are clearly your most ideal decision. This sort of dry shampoo won’t just leave your hair feeling new, yet it will likewise save your recently treated hair, making its belongings last significantly more! 

keratin treated hair

What sort of shampoo would it be a good idea for me to use for keratin treated hair? 

As a dependable guideline, you ought to maintain a strategic distance from shampoos with sulfates and salt no matter what. These two mixes can undoubtedly harm and strip off the keratin from your recently treated hair. 

What’s more, in addition to the fact that it is an absolute misuse of bucks, yet it will likewise leave your hair dry, bunched up, and unmanageable. 

If at all conceivable, get shampoos that are made of every single characteristic fixing. It likewise assists with checking the name! By and large, if shampoo has in excess of eight fixings on it, at that point it’s only a no! 


Is it alright to twist keratin treated hair? 

After the three-day no-wash period, there are actually no principles that express that you can’t twist or style your hair in any capacity you need it. Nonetheless, a keratin treatment is a fixing treatment so the inquiry here is, the reason would you need to twist it in any case? 

However, if you truly want to give your hair a different look, at that point feel free to twist it! Simply ensure that you keep your hair made sure about with a warmth protectant preceding twisting, particularly if you will apply heat. 

Likewise, it’s is ideal to utilize a hair curler with a temperature marker to ensure that you’re not going past 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that anything over that can be harming to your keratin treated hair! 


I have normally wavy hair, would I be able to at present get keratin treated hair? 

Indeed! Despite your hair type, you can at present select a keratin treatment. Notwithstanding, observe that if your hair is normally wavy or unusual, your mane may fix up a smidgen after the treatment! 

Recall that warmth must be applied to the hair to seal in keratin, and this is as a rule with a fixing iron. If you have wavy hair and had the keratin treatment done, odds are, the final products will be gentler, more beneficial, and marginally wavy hair. 

In any case, in any case, feel free to give your hair that keratin-adoring its merits! 

keratin treated hair

Is a keratin treatment same as a relaxer? 

The appropriate response here is a straight no. Keratin treatment and relaxer are two totally different things. And keeping in mind that their point is to make the hair look gentler and more beneficial, a relaxer is more perplexing than keratin treated hair. 

To lay things out plainly, a relaxer will leave your hair extremely straight. In any case, It can modify your hair’s surface and structure. While a keratin treatment, then again, will saturate your hair shaft and feed each strand without separating its normal creation. 


How long does a keratin treatment last? 

A keratin treatment regularly goes on for three to a half year, before it’s peeled off of your hair. Be that as it may, the keratin treated hair could conceivably last longer than the said period, contingent upon how you deal with your hair. 

By and large, if your hair is all around dealt with after you had a keratin treatment, at that point the opportunity of the treatment enduring longer is significantly greater! You may even have the option to make it keep going for over a half year! 


How regularly would it be a good idea for me to get keratin treated hair? 

How regularly should you get a keratin treatment is absolutely subject to you! If you notice that your hair is beginning to return to its a past condition, at that point maybe it’s an ideal opportunity to complete the treatment once more! 

You may decide to complete it each four or a half year, contingent upon how quick the treatment wears off. 

keratin treated hair

The Final Takeaway 

Accomplishing that salon-flawless, delicate, and reasonable hair does without a doubt require a ton of exertion! 

Also, keratin treated hair sure accompanies a cost! It reasonably costs two or three hundred bucks and requires a long time to do, as well!

So it’s not simply your cash, it’s your time, as well! 

Be that as it may, by the day’s end, a keratin treatment merits each dime and second spent if you simply realize how to take care for your keratin-treated hair! It will give you that model-like, delicate mane that is genuinely every young lady’s fantasy. 

It’s likewise your pass to bidding farewell to terrible hair days and awakening to bubbly and unmanageable hair! 

Nonetheless, remember that realizing what to do and what not to do after you got keratin treated hair is a vital aspect for keeping your hair in its best condition. Putting resources into the correct items is additionally similarly as critical. 

Keep in mind, consistently check the name! Skim and sweep each and every fixing to check whether they’re fit to keep your keratin-treated hair sound! 

All things considered, a keratin treated hair isn’t modest as are the greater part of the beneficial things!


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