Sustainable Beauty Routine to do your part for the earth

Keratin Shampoo India is all about small acts and love that care for the planet and you. This is why sustainable beauty products are so important to our world. Did you know that there are a few more eco-friendly beauty tips that can help the planet look good? Learn how to get started with sustainable beauty habits.

Sustainable beauty routine tips you will love

Every little act of love can make a huge difference in the world, whether it’s sustainable beauty products or green beauty tips. Here are some ways you can help…

Sustainable Beauty Routine to do your part for the earth
Sustainable Beauty Routine to do your part for the earth

1. Tap gently

Water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet. Conserving water can help you improve your sustainability beauty. It is as simple as turning off your tap while you brush your teeth, and taking shorter showers. Both of these actions can help to save water (and energy) each time you wash.

2. Use every drop
You can also reduce waste by making sure that you only use the very bottom of your sustainable beauty products. If you run out of your favorite products, you can show your support for the planet and carefully cut the top to get the rest.

3. Skip the shower
How can you save water with your sustainable beauty regimen? Do not use any! You can skip your daily showers. This smart way to conserve water is also a great way to save time (since you won’t have to do the blow dry).

4. Recycle the right way

Psst! Our bottles are 100% recycled plastic. It’s quite possible that this bottle was once a water bottle. Remember to keep the cap on your water bottle when you place it in the recycling bin. This will prevent them from getting missorted and allows them to be recycled into new products, such as the products we sell.

5. Do your homework

It is smart to verify the sustainability of beauty products before you buy. Keratin Shampoo India is a sustainable brand that cares about the planet and all its creatures. You can rest assured that every formula in our line is vegan and cruelty-free. PETA is the largest animal rights organization worldwide.

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