Bore water and Hard water problems solutions India


6 Tips for Bore water and Hard water problems solutions India

1) Get a shower filter. A much more practical and affordable option is just to get a filter for your shower head. These work in much the same way as a regular water filter, by neutralizing pH levels. You will need to replace your existing shower head, but this is a lot cheaper and easier than buying a full water softening system.
2) Look for shampoos that fight hard water. There are shampoos available that are specifically designed for hard water that can help you lower the chances of hair loss. A “chelating” or “clarifying” shampoo is a good choice. These shampoos are designed to tackle and prevent mineral build-up in your hair, but they are harsh so should be used sparingly.
Look for a shampoo with the ingredient EDTA.
Only use this shampoo once a week.
Use a moisturizing conditioner after you use this shampoo.
3) Use a conditioner. It’s always a good idea to use a conditioner after you wash your hair in hard water. This will help to prevent your hair drying out and becoming brittle, which can contribute to hair loss. Look for a conditioner with natural ingredients that will moisturise your hair.
Argon oil is an intensely moisturising ingredient to look out for.
You can find conditioners especially designed for hard water areas.

4) Consider a leave in conditioner. To condition your hair even more, you can use a leave in conditioner. This just means you lightly apply it to your hair after washing and let it soak in. Two or three drops of coconut or almond oil gently rubbed into the lower half of your hair will help you to lock in the moisture and prevent dryness.
Don’t apply more than this or you will end up with greasy hair.
The importance of having a good hair care regime to prevent hair loss is heightened by being in a hard water area.

5) Add vinegar to the water you use to rinse your hair. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with three cups of water. Take a shower, shampooing your hair as normal. The vinegar can remove built-up minerals from hard water, as well increasing shine and body. When it is time to rinse the shampoo from your hair, use the water and vinegar mixture you created.
Carefully pour the concoction over your head, being sure to soak all strands of hair.
Rinse it off after a couple of minutes.
Some people prefer to use apple cider vinegar.

6) Try a lemon or lime juice rinse. An alternative to vinegar, is a lemon or lime rinse. It works in a similar way to vinegar by breaking down residual salts and minerals in your hair. Lemon and lime juice also strips off excess oil, which makes it an especially good choice for those with greasier hair.
Mix with the same measurements as the vinegar method, one tablespoon of lemon or lime juice to three cups of water.
After shampooing, massage this solution into your hair and your scalp.
Rinse it off after a couple of minutes

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