Advantages and Disadvantages of Keratin



  • A keratin hair treatment is a time-saver for those who usually style their hair straight. The treatment can shorten the blow-drying time by 40-60 per cent!
  • Those with unmanageable hair can say goodbye to frizz and roughness. Hair remains straight, smooth and frizz-free even when the weather gets humid.
  • Keratin coats your hair strands and offers protection from sun and environmental damage.
  • Keratin helps rebound and strengthen hair, making hair strands resilient to breakage.
  • There’s minimal upkeep involved and you get to enjoy luscious soft hair for up to three to six months depending on the treatment you opt for.
  • A keratin hair treatment every few months is less damaging than the effect heat styling every day has on your hair.



  • In the case of formaldehyde treatments, formaldehyde exposure poses the risk of allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Long-term formaldehyde exposure is also linked to cancer. Note that since formaldehyde is a gas, inhaling it poses the greatest risk. As such, some stylists wear masks during the treatment and have the client wear one too.
  • Increased exposure to formaldehyde and over-straightening hair can lead to hair drying out and weakening, causing breakage and hair fall.
  • Right after the treatment, hair might appear weirdly straight; get the treatment done a few days before a big event to make the hair appear natural.
  • You might miss your hair volume after the treatment as your hair will become sleek and smooth.
  • Hair can turn greasy and limp very quickly in the absence of frizz.
  • Keratin hair treatments are expensive, especially since they only last for three to six months

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